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“Play your best with confidence.”

Pre fitting

Essential Reading before Fitting

Please understand at Tru-Fit we care about your golf game and that means there is a level of commitment between us and you when we start the fitting process.

This is what you can expect in our fitting process:

Preparation for the Fitting:
  • Fill out a player intake form.

  • We will then book a formal fitting session and please allow at least 2 hours of free time per session. Note that if you need to change a date it must be done no less than 48 hours in advance of your session. 

  • Prior to your fitting session please read the FAQ section, 12 Myth booklet, and GolfWRX custom fitting articles by Tom Wishon. This will introduce you to the basic terms of custom fitting thus making communication quicker and prioritizing your time for the fitting

  • A 9-hole on-course evaluation may be needed depending on player skill level and goals (green fee not included)

  • We’ll ask you to play 3 to 5 rounds of golf to collect data for the specific category of clubs that you are looking to get fit (mid to low handicap players).

On the Day of Fitting:
  • Please schedule at least 2 hours for the fitting

  • Please wear what you would normally wear for a round of golf. Make sure your spikes have been cleaned.

  • Please arrive 10 mins early to warm up and bring the golf balls that you normally use and make sure they are clean. 

  • During an in-person session, we’ll measure the specs of your current clubs and learn about your game in detail to determine how we can help you reach your goals within your budget.

  • Using our state-of-the-art Uneekor Eyexo simulator and Trackman launch monitor, we’ll gather baseline data with your current clubs and also track your club face impacts.

  • Slow-motion videos are taken and analyzed to check your swing length, tempo, rhythm, release, club path, and hand path. We’ll also take note of any swing characteristics that need to be addressed before a proper fitting.

  • TPI body screens may be taken to find anybody's limitations and potential best setup posture that will influence the length and lie angle of the clubs.

  • A grip fitting will be done to find the best-fit grip by using different sizes of grips as well as different materials/textures. The correct grip will be used throughout the remaining fitting session.

  • We’ll then test different combinations of shafts and heads to find the best length, total weight, shaft flex, shaft profile, balance point, loft, lie, face angle, and swing weight/moi so that the testing prototype will have the best face impact, face to path, ground contact which in turn means better distance, accuracy, and consistency.

  • The testing prototype then goes through the Tru-Fit blueprint process to measure every single detail of its specification.

  • Your clubs are built with our Tru-Fit building process to match the exact specification of the prototype club.

  • The turnaround time after our fitting to get your clubs is usually about 10-14 business days. (In the case that products are not back ordered)

  • You will be asked to take your newly Tru-Fit custom clubs to play about 5 rounds of golf and note any tendencies.

  • We will then schedule a follow-up session (included in club purchase) to do a full gaping and dynamic lie angle adjustment session on Uneekor and Trackman and also troubleshoot any areas that you have noticed to be a bit off.

  • An on-course follow-up assessment (green fee not included) may be done if required.

  • Then play another 5 rounds, track your performance and see your scores become lower!

It’s a lot but trust us, this process (performed for Tour players) will determine the best performing clubs for you and ensure your clubs are built to perform as expected. Next time you play you won’t be second-guessing your clubs. Now get out there, play with more confidence and enjoy the game more with your fully and truly Custom Fitted and Built clubs.

Working with the Best

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