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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding custom fitting and the work we do at Tru-Fit Golf Studio. However, if you have any questions that are unanswered here, please send us an email at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How long is a typical fitting session?
    A typical fitting session for one category of clubs generally takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours. This does not include the 30 mins in-depth interview prior and also some time to warm up. A second session may be needed if we do not finish testing all specifications. A golfer generally has about 100 to 150 swings before he/she is too tired, and the swings will not provide valuable results. Very seldom do I do a full bag fitting in a day. For the same reason that after we finish fitting irons or driver, the golfer will be too exhausted and we would need to schedule a different session.
  • What brands do you offer?
    At Tru-Fit, we don’t believe that one brand is superior to another. In fact, all the claims of newer technology for the next great club truly undermine the importance of properly fitted and built clubs. Having your clubs properly fitted and built will provide much better performance benefits than any new technology or single brand can bring. Saying that we use brands that are of the highest quality in terms of performance and tolerance so that the clubs can be fit and built to the Tru-Fit standards. They may be the top-of-class component brands such as Wishon and Alpha, or well-known big brands with great technical departments such as Taylormade, Ping, Srixon, Mizuno, and Tour Edge, or the premium Japanese forged irons and wedges from Epon, Miura, Fourteen, Shinagawa. Not to mention that we also have Evnroll, SeeMore, and Wishon putters for our putter fittings.
  • Do you offer custom fitting for ladies, seniors, and juniors?
    At Tru-Fit golf we have a wide selection of club heads, shafts, and grips that are used to fit ladies, seniors, and juniors over 11 years old. Most places only offer 1 to 2 types of heads and shafts for ladies and seniors, but at Tru-Fit we understand that you need a much wider selection to find the best-performing clubs. That is why we offer drivers up to the loft of 16 degrees, lots of fairway wood, and hybrid options in terms of lofts and length. Many shaft flex options from double L flex, double A flex, and shaft weights from as light as 40g. Our wedge fitting system allows us to test wedges using lightweight graphite shafts and our putter fitting allows us to fit putters from 30 inches in length.
  • I am a beginner golfer. Would I benefit from custom club fitting and custom clubs? Am I good enough to benefit from custom club fitting?
    We offer club fitting that is specific for beginner golfers. Even as a beginner golfer, it is beneficial to understand what clubs to select based on your physical characteristics, strength, and athleticism. Choosing the correct club head design, lie angle, length, weight, general shaft flex, grip size, and material can go a long way to help you create the best possible swing. The worst thing would be that a swing error or missed direction is caused by miss fit golf clubs and the golfer is compensating for them or is told by their golf instructor to correct them in their swing.
  • What improvements and results can I expect to get a custom-fitted set of clubs?
    There are 4 main factors in golf that influence where the ball will go and how far the ball will go. Namingly club speed, face impact, ground contact, and face/path direction. In our Tru-Fit process, we are looking to improve all 4 variables so that you will hit the ball straighter, more consistent, and further. Take a look at the impact decal from the fitting above. It took more than 1 hour of fitting to find the best combination of the club head, shaft, length, weight, flex, and MOI so that our impact pattern not only got a lot closer but also more towards the middle. The end result? More ball speed, distance, and much better consistency. The launch monitor screenshot above was from a fitting of a golfer that routinely slices the ball. With the right combination of face angle, weight, length, MOI, shaft flex, and balance point of the club he is able to achieve a much straighter shot with less dispersion.
  • I saw a set of clubs in the golf store or online that seems to fit me. Why should I spend more to get a custom-fitted set?
    The reason is that from fitting so many golfers, there are not 2 sets of clubs that have been fit and built to the exact specifications. Golfers are like fingerprints. If you stop and take a look when you are next at the driving range, see how everyone is of different height, and size and has their own unique swing. Our arm length and hand size are even different even if we are the same height. That is also not considering that everyone has their own preferences of feel and personality. Tru-Fit custom fitting takes into consideration of every single detail that will result in the difference in how the clubs will perform, and that will never be found from an off-the-rack set or online.
  • I just bought a set of Pings, Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, Cobra, etc., and would like to get fitted for them, can you do that?
    In order to have the best results from a club fitting, no components of the clubs should be pre-determined unless we have tested them extensively. Do not buy a set of clubs and hope you can be properly custom fitted, instead get fitted and then buy what works the best. If you are looking just for a lie angle and gaping fitting session, some clubs are manufactured with softer metal so that there is a possibility. But if the metal is too brittle to be adjusted then there is not much we can do. If you really like a certain brand of heads and would still want to get a custom fit through the Tru-Fit process, you can buy a single 7 iron or 7 iron head online of the same model and I can convert it to a fitting prototype club with connectors. Then we will go through the full process to find the best combination for you (apart from the club head). Note: the 7-iron fitting prototype will not be able to be used as a regular club after modifications. If you have a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid head that you like with the adjustable adaptors we can perform a shaft fitting to find out what is the best shaft, length, weight, MOI, grip, and build the club to the best combination.
  • What is the difference between your custom fitting and fitting done at other golfer stores or demo/fitting days?
    Please refer to the Tru-Fit Process page. But in a nutshell, the Tru-Fit performance fitting focuses on the big 12 tangible specifications to make sure you play with the best performing golf clubs while a “convenience fitting” only tests 3 to 4 of these specifications. We take much more attention to detail and build the clubs to exact specifications as our testing prototypes. We care about your performance and would like you to play the best you can. We stand by the clubs that we fit and build and would do whatever it takes to make them perform as expected.
  • Should I go take lessons first or should I get fit first?
    This is a question that’s asked a lot. It really is up to each individual. Do you plan to take a series of lessons and will likely be making big changes to your swing? If yes then come to get fit after the swing changes are complete. But this does not mean you shouldn’t have your current clubs evaluated. They may be working against what you are trying to achieve. So they may need some adjustments which will help you to get the best out of your lessons and practice. In our Tru-Fit custom fitting session, we will always assess if you would benefit more from taking lessons first or not. If we think that swing changes need to be made prior to a proper fitting this will be pointed out at the first part of our fitting session.
  • What is it all about single-length irons/hybrids/woods?
    The basic concept of single-length clubs is so that you can swing them in a similar setup posture. Your club path becomes the same and also the clubs themselves will have the same length, weight, flex, and MOI, thus producing more consistent results. At Tru-Fit we are proud to be using the next generation Wishon single-length irons, hybrids, and woods for our single-length fittings, their advanced and highly adjustable designs help us to dial in each club for the distance, height, direction, and control, solving the problems that single length clubs typically present.
  • Do you offer any discounts for your fittings and clubs?
    No. No discount is offered for any of the services and custom clubs that are fit and built. We are very upfront with our price so there are not any hidden fees. Anything custom will cost more, but what you will get is high-quality products and services that will not be matched by others. You don't want to be on the golf course, hit your 5 iron, and slice it into the woods not knowing that your lie angle is incorrectly fit or the 5 iron is simply out of spec. Remember, no matter how much you spend to buy a golf club, it is only worth what you can sell it for on eBay if it does not perform.
  • What should I do before booking an appointment?
    Please visit The Tru-Fit Experience page and read through the “Essential Reading before Fitting” section before scheduling a fitting session. Do some research about custom fitting. There are some links at the end of this page as a good starting point.
  • What should I wear to a fitting session?
    Please wear what you normally would to a round of golf. We are testing to find the best-performing clubs for you so we want to replicate as much as we can when you are playing.
  • How long will my custom-fitted clubs last me?
    A truly custom-fitted set of clubs should work well for at least 4 to 5 years. Remember a truly custom-fitted set of clubs outweighs any recent club technological advancements. Of course, if you had an injury or your swing has changed drastically, a new fitting session will need to be scheduled to find out the best performing specifications.
  • Once the fitting is completed and I have the information about the clubs from my fitting can I buy the clubs from an online shop or other golf pro shops or stores?
    It is possible but not very likely. The reason is that most golf stores and pro shops only have the capability of ordering clubs with few modifications on the specs within a range. Also, you will be missing out on clubs that are built to a very high tolerance through the Tru-Fit building process. What is the good if you got to fit into the right specifications and they work well but the clubs you buy in the end are not built to the exact same specifications?
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