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Our Story

Tru-Fit Golf Studio was founded in 2021. After acquiring extensive experience in club fitting and club building Lincoln saw an opportunity to create a performance-based club fitting studio located inside GoGo Golf Indoor Golf Center. At Tru-Fit we provide golf club solutions to help you hit the ball further, straighter with lower scores and much more enjoyment of the game.

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Meet the Team


Founder  -  Master Club Fitter  -  Master Club Builder  -  CPGA Instructor

Lincoln Li

Lincoln is a PGA of Canada Professional who is passionate about helping golfers to improve and reach their goals. As a certified Master club fitter and builder, golf coach, and fitness enthusiast, he understands that there is not only one correct way to play golf. He doesn't see golfers having faults that need to be fixed which often is done with band-aid fixes, rather he thinks each golfer needs to develop their games in an all-around manner that will produce long-term lasting improvements.

He strongly believes that the fewer thoughts you have on the golf course the better you will play and the more enjoyable the game will be. In order to achieve this, he has delved into studying many areas of the game. From learning about club fitting and building and exchanging emails with experts in the field such as Tom Wishon to spending many hours studying the kinetics and kinematics of the golf swing, effective ways to improve technique, skills, physical ability, mental skills, and on course management. When everything is put together people will be able to connect the dots and improve faster with long-term results.

In 2021 Lincoln founded Tru-Fit Golf Studio to better serve golfers in the Greater Vancouver region with performance-based brand agnostic custom club fitting combined with tour-level custom club building.


Club Fitter  -  Club Builder

Kyle Choi

Kyle was born in Busan, South Korea. Prior to taking up golf Kyle was a high-level badminton player who played for his high school team and was trying to become a professional badminton player. When he graduated from university with a BSc in Sports and Leisure he started coaching badminton.


Kyle’s passion for golf started after he moved to Vancouver in 2017 while doing an MBA degree at UCW. With his background in badminton, he was able to quickly improve and become a single handicap player. Kyle is currently playing on the VGT and training to take the PAT to become a PGA of Canada Professional.


Kyle is our club builder and technician, meticulously using the Tru-Fit fitting and building process to help clients to achieve their best performance with correctly fitted and tour-level built golf clubs.

Kieran B

"My experience with Tru-Fit has been amazing. The facility is top-notch. They have a huge selection of shafts/ clubs to try, the simulators are clean, accurate, and provide so much data to help with my swing. However, the best part was the club fitter - Lincoln went above and beyond. Not only did he help me find the perfect shafts and club set up for my irons, he also provided swing tips and queues that have already helped my game. He's professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and always there to help. Will definitely come back to fit my other clubs. Highly recommended!

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